Jill & John make an effective use of their Lockdown

It's been more than a month since the pandemic Covid 19 has encapsulated John and Jill's life. Both work from home now and they had Katy to take care of. After a couple of days of chaotic togetherness, things started to fall in place. John with inputs from Jill had divided all the work into time slots, starting from waking up early, morning exercise, reading the newspapers, doing household chores,cooking breakfast,  work, lunch, nap, work ,TV and of course taking care of Katy. They still found they had ample time to spare.

 Jill hit upon an idea to paint the interiors of their home. They started with pastel shades for the master bedroom, a slightly bright Aqua colour for Katy’s, a plain grey shade for the guest room and a bright white for their living cum dining room to make the small place look a lot bigger. Then they noticed that they hadn’t changed their bedlinen in years and looked a little drab and whatever they did the whole charm of their painted walls was missing due to their linen. Having spent a decent sum of money on their walls they were worried whether their linen would set them back. They took into account all kinds of scenarios like one of them losing their job or both taking paycut, etc., and still found that they could spare some amount for the small refurbishments in the house.

Since their last purchase of Trance Home Linen mattress protector, which was on Fred's advice , had proved to be such a relief, and even the washing of the protectors went on easily, they went along with the same brand to search for other bedlinen options. They short listed a few bedsheets, duvet and duvet cover to match the decor of their rooms and even a strictly Indian product called “Dohar” a three layered pure cotton product with beautiful designs which could be used as a light blanket, a shawl or a cover.

 Both being smart realised that the sellers may quote affordable prices through offers and discounts to dispose their stock to get their wheels moving. They struck upon a plan to place the orders in the cart before the lockdown is lifted and by this they would spend less time searching for them later.

 P.S. The lockdown has been lifted partially John and Jill received their products immediately and their home now gives them a renewed vigour. Katy enjoys her bedroom of a bright colours. Both John and Jill were good enough to share the links of Trance Home Linen products they had purchased.

Jill & John’s Master Bedroom-Fitted Sheet for a King size Bed:





Katy’s Room- Fitted Sheet for Queen Size Bed:






Guest Bed Room- Fitted Sheet for Queen Size Bed:





 And  the links of the Dohars:




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