During feeding times, infants and toddlers wear protective garments around their necks called baby bibs. They are made to collect spilt food and liquids, keeping the baby's clothes clean and free of stains. For this reason, Trance Home Linen provides a selection of opulent baby washcloth organic and cotton bibs for babies that are not only useful but also fashionable and sophisticated. Have a look at the quick dry ultrasoft terry baby apron (waterproof)

Our baby bibs, made of the softest organic cotton, are ideal for keeping your baby dry and clean during feeding times while being kind to their sensitive skin. Perfect fit and ease of on/off are provided by its straightforward and practical design. The bib's outer layers are made of soft terry cloth on both sides, giving it a baby-soft, smooth towel feel. It is also waterproof, preventing stains or moisture from getting on your baby's clothing. The bibs dry in a matter of hours and are simple to hand or machine wash. You can increase the size as your baby grows with the help of the two adjustable neck ties in the back. You can wear this bib on either side. It's Foldable, lightweight, and convenient to carry.

Bibs for babies have multiple uses. 

  • They lessen the need for frequent clothing changes by keeping the baby's clothes dry and clean during meals.
  • By collecting spills, bibs contribute to a hygienic feeding environment and lower the chance of infections and skin irritations.
  •  Bibs make feeding times easier for parents to handle because they are simple to clean and can be used again.
  • A comfortable feeding experience is ensured by certain bibs, composed of soft, absorbent materials that are kind to the baby's skin.

All things considered, baby bibs are indispensable feeding aids for babies and toddlers, offering ease and protection to both the child and the caretaker.

Not only are our cotton bibs for babies kind and gentle on your baby's skin but don't contain any harmful chemicals, making them perfect for babies with sensitive skin. The breathable fabric keeps your baby dry and comfortable, making mealtimes easier. A perfect fit can be guaranteed with the adjustable snap closure, and the large size offers enough coverage to keep your baby dry and clean.

Apart from our infant bibs, we also stock a range of multifunctional baby washcloths that are ideal for use during bath time. These washcloths soften the skin of your baby. These washcloths are soft on your baby's skin, so they're ideal for clearing up spills and other messes.


We've responded by designing a range of fashionable and useful baby products. We have a huge collection for your bundle of joy. Products like swaddle wrap with cap, baby dry sheet waterproof, and baby head pillows which is not only gentle on your baby's skin but also eco-friendly. 

Trance Home Linen, is aware of the importance of comfort and high-quality items for infants as Sweet dreams start with secure surroundings.

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