Bed Runners Great Way To Add Uniqueness And Personality To Bedrooms

Bed runners are a fashionable accessory for your bedroom. It was used in hotels but is now popular in home decor. The bed runner is typically laid across the foot of the bed, and is very decorative, uplifting the rest of your decor. Bed runners tend to be elongated and lengthy. These are affordable additions to a bedroom that can change the look entirely giving you a choice of being decorative and classy. Also, they make sure to add a touch of elegant flair to your rooms. 

A bedroom runner rug is an excellent choice mainly as it is a smaller and more manageable addition which are laid across the foot of the bed or in the middle wherever they look the best! Many times your pets insist on sleeping with you or laying at the foot of your bed at night, these bed runners are an excellent way to prevent hair on the bed and are easy to wash too.

At Trance Home Linen these bedroom runners capture the modern trendy transitional style and lend a classy stylish look to any room. Symbolic designs are displayed in warm, decor-smart hues and also create a decorative display. These give a luxurious comfort-soft feel underfoot. 

These bedroom bed runners also known as dhurrie depending on their size, can be used even in living rooms 5x7ft / 4x6ft. In bedrooms size, 2.5x6ft can be used. Under small tables or kitchen mats the size of  2x3ft can be used.

In your bedroom, if you have got bare floors then this is actually a great place to bring in cotton dhurrie rugs. Place one on each side of the bed as your feet need a warm, soft spot to land in the morning.

Ideal to uplift any type of room decor, the Trance Home Linen collection is easy to maintain and a must-have addition to your home. Dhurrie rugs for sale are weightless, foldable, and can be easily carried and moved in case of wiping the floors daily. The cotton dhurries are cool in summer & bring forth warmth in the winter. The maintenance of the dhurries is easy as they are not invaded by insects like in other rugs.

Concluding note…

We Expect this blog helped you bring out your thinking caps to let your imagination take over as nothing can speak more about a home better than you and your personalized touch.

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