Buying Bedsheets? Keep In Mind These Valuable Tips

Your bedroom can look cozy, beautiful, simple, sophisticated, or elegant, according to your choice of the bedsheet you choose to add. Remember, a colorful bedsheet brightens up the entire room with the look and highlights the look and character.

Bedsheets, be it plain, patterned, or printed fitted bedsheets, are a common bedding product that is bought by every individual. 

Some facts you won’t believe! People spend around one-third of their time on their beds. Keeping this reason in mind, it is necessary to buy good-quality bedsheet covering for the mattress.

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In today’s modern times, the digital era as we call it - one can opt to purchase bedsheets online or offline depending on the experience they enjoy where we can help you choose from 100% cotton flat bedsheets, or fitted cotton bedsheets with sizes ranging from king size, queen size, XL king, regular or customized sizes. Here are some tips to keep in mind before purchasing a god premium-quality bedsheet:

Pay heed to the fabric

A variety of fabrics are available today and it’s one’s personal choice like polyester blends, silks, satin, cotton, and what they like using. Selecting a fabric that is compatible with the mixed weather conditions we in India have is very necessary.

Pro tip! Choose cotton bedsheets for better comfort and good sleep.

Look for the thread count

Sceptical about which bedsheet to buy? Unsure about how thick or durable the chosen bedsheet would be? Here is a quick tip that will help you get over this worry! The thread count of the bedsheets is the most important thing you should check before buying. Most sellers mention the thread count and anything more than 140 thread count is excellent quality.

Check the size

Always look for the size and fit of the bed before buying a bedsheet. It is silly, but many times people just opt for a bedsheet because they love the print or color and measurement being the important part is neglected. A double bedsheet need not necessarily fit any big size bed. A double bedsheet has the options of double bedsheet Queen which fit a Queen size mattress(78x60inch/6.5x5ft) and a double bedsheet King which will fit a King size mattress(78x72inch/6.5x6ft) and Trance Home Linen provides you the XL King option to comfortably cover the thickness of the beds greater than 8”. Measuring or knowing the size of the bed should be checked before purchasing bedsheets.

Be deliberate on design and colour

One of the most important points that need to be considered is the design and color. Having textured walls or printed wallpaper in your room, choosing prints or patterns for bedsheets may not be a good option. But, if the room has subtle decor then bright and bold colors or even patterns are an excellent choice. 

Final thoughts before we wind up

Purchasing good-quality bedsheets helps your sheets remain intact for a longer time. So, think of it as investments for yourselves with quality and comfort. We hope these essential tips come in handy next time you think of bedsheets.

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