Dhurrie Rugs Perfect For Your Home Decor

Dhurrie is a simple yet beautiful rug that a lot of us have at home or may have come across while shopping for home décor particulars. Visually pleasing to the eye, and multifunctional, Dhurries are a great way to decorate a space or add a bit of coziness to a place.

These cotton dhurrie rugs were solely used for practical purposes earlier in India. Now a drastic change has come over from being used for simply functional to further ornamental purposes. It is now available all over the world.

How are they made and what are the general designs?

They're generally made from materials like cotton, wool, jute, and silk. The tight weave in the dhurrie rugs makes them strong and durable. Weavers started experimenting with further colours, patterns, and motifs to produce unique and stand-out designs, with a variety of different styles and types available on request. They're woven across India, with each place having its distinct
style, colour, and design. The dhurrie rugs generally have geometric, Squares, florals, and striped designs.

How do you clean your cotton dhurries?

Being thick flat- woven rugs, they don't have a deep pile to hide the dirt. It's important to constantly clean them. The delicate blend of materials causes great damage if cleaning is done recklessly. Ensure it is swept gently daily on both sides using a hand broom to minimize the dirt accumulating. Vacuuming your rug using a handheld vacuum is also recommended at least once a week minimum. Remember, both sides should be vacuumed.

The dhurrie has now come as a novelty home décor item to enjoy. Dhurries give a sense of warmth and homeliness. Adding a simple dark or light dhurrie to an otherwise dull or neutral room can buck up the space. Dhurries are relatively lightweight and so can be fluently shifted from one space to another if needed.

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