Dohar An Indian Version Of A Comforter

Dohar has been traditionally a summer blanket. It is perfect when the cool night winds blow and you need a little more than a cotton sheet to keep you warm but not something as padded as a full-fledged quilt.

You wish you had a soft comfortable dohar blanket to wind up under and have a good night’s rest. So, quit tossing and turning at night - buy a good dohar online and have the best sleep this season.

After a long stressful day, you would love to find solace under the comfortable warmth of your dohars. Under your dohar, scroll through your phone or even read your favourite book. It gives you the ideal warmth, just like the feeling of your mother embracing you tight during the cold winter night when you were a little child.

Before you purchase your dohar these are some of the doubts which come to mind.

Why do we use a Dohar? 

This summer double dohar blanket is perfect for when the cool night winds blow and you need a little more than a cotton sheet to keep you warm but not something as padded as a quilt.

Can a dohar be washed?

Yes, always wash it with cold water. Hot water can spoil the fibers of your blanket, or it may shrink or even tear. While washing your double dohar bed sheet remember to use less detergent.

What is a cotton dohar?

The cotton double dohar is made up of three layers where two cotton sheets are joined together with a thin layer of cotton flannel in between them.

Any difference between a dohar and a quilt? 

A dohar is basically a very thin quilt because it doesn't have a thick filling between the outer layers of cotton fabric. On the other hand, quilts are stuffed between the outer layers, making them thicker and warmer than dohar blankets.

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Final thoughts before we wind up…

Keep calm and enjoy your sleep - just lie and feel better instantly on quality dohars

Dohars come in different colours, designs, and price ranges. It is soft to the touch and feels light while sleeping. It’s ideal for the climatic conditions of India. Purchase good-quality and comfortable dohars for yourselves. We hope these essential tips come in handy next time you think of any purchase.

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