Dhurries, or hand-loomed, hand-block cotton carpets from Jaipur are more than just floor coverings, they're beautiful pieces of art that give any space a sense of sophistication and heritage. We are proud to offer a carefully chosen collection of these exquisite Dhurries at Trance Home Linen, all of which are expertly made by trained artisans utilizing age-old methods that have been handed down through the generations.

Handloom handcrafted jaipur hand block cotton carpets dhurries

These are made of cotton, the Dhurries, also referred to as the Jaipur carpet. The cotton threads are interlaced by expert weavers on traditional looms to create cotton dhurrie rugs by hand. The large 5x7 and 4x6 foot sizes of the Dhurries make them ideal for use in the living room. They can also be used underneath small tables or kitchen mats measuring 2 by 3 feet. You can use the foot size as a bed runner by your bed. When it comes to routine floor cleaning, the Dhurrie is portable, lightweight, and sturdy.

Cotton dhurries offer warmth in the winter and refreshment in the summer. Dhurries are easier to clean than other rugs because they are not bug-infested. Living room carpets and rugs come in a variety of sizes. Instead of rubbing an area where there has been a spill, dab it with a dry cloth. Dry clean or hand wash as usual. Steer clear of chemicals, bleach, and harsh detergents. Wash in cold water and dry with the underside facing the sun.

Cotton dhurrie rugs are well known for being supple, durable, and versatile. They are lightweight and easy to maintain, making them ideal for spaces like living rooms and bedrooms. Because of the natural cotton fibers, these dhurries are friendly and offer you and your family a safe and healthy living environment.

Buying dhurries online has never been easier. Trance Home Linen has a wide assortment of cotton dhurries in various sizes, colours, and designs to complement your decor and style. Regardless of your preference for muted, elegant styles or bright, striking patterns, you can find the perfect dhurries online to match any decor. Our dhurrie rugs are not only exquisite but also cost-effective. All of our dhurrie rugs for sale are reasonably priced, so it's simple for you to splurge without going over budget in your house. Your new dhurrie rug will arrive at your door in no time thanks to our safe online ordering system and quick shipping.


Handwoven and artisanal cotton dhurries are artworks that infuse any space with beauty, coziness, and tradition. They are more than just floor coverings. We at Trance Home Linen are proud to provide a carefully chosen assortment of these exquisite dhurries, each painstakingly made by knowledgeable artisans utilizing age-old methods. Discover our selection today and add the classic elegance of Jaipur hand-block cotton dhurries to your home.

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