An essential piece of furniture in many Indian houses is the diwan set. It can serve as a cozy place to sit and an additional bed for visitors and it makes your living room cozier by bringing in a dash of color, design, and personality. At Trance Home Linen, we recognize the value of designing a stunning yet practical living space. Discover the impact a stunning Diwan set can have on your living space by purchasing our Cotton Printed 6 Pcs Diwan Set (Calicut Collection 100% Cotton & 200 TC) right now.

Why select the Diwan set from the Calicut Collection?

The Calicut Collection diwan set is a fantastic option for your house for several reasons. This set's premium, breathable cotton construction guarantees long-lasting comfort and toughness. It's perfect for unwinding on the diwan because of its soft, smooth texture, which arrives from its 200-thread count. The rich textile legacy of Calicut, India, has many exquisite and distinctive prints in the Calicut Collection. Pick from a large selection of hues and patterns to create a completely new appearance or the ideal fit for your current decor.

You can use the Diwan set for more than just the diwan! The bolster covers will give your bed a lovely accent, and you can use the cushion covers on your sofa or armchairs too. Easy to keep, this set is made of cotton that can be machine-washed. Although the Calicut Collection provides an exquisite assortment of printed diwan sets, Trance Home Linen caters to a wide range of preferences. It is perfect for giving gifts to friends and family, housewarming and anniversary celebrations, and festivals. Wash separately, use a mild detergent, avoid bleaching, and wash by hand or on a machine in cold water. 

Diwan set with sofa cover - We provide a range of options in various materials and styles if you're searching for a complete set that also includes a cover for your sofa. Diwan set for living room: When selecting a diwan set, understand your living room's overall design. A set with plain colours or patterns can be the finest option if your decor is minimalist. A Rajasthani diwan set will look more authentic.

Trance Home Linen is the best brand for diwan sets sourced from reliable producers renowned for their superior materials and craftsmanship. We guarantee you receive the most value for your money, we also provide competitive prices.

Concluding note…

Change your living area right now!

A diwan set is an easy yet effective method to give your living area a bit of comfort and style. You will find the ideal set from Trance Home Linen to go well with your current decor and create a relaxing area because of the vast array of alternatives available.

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