How To Choose A Good Swaddle Cloth For Yourself

Swaddling is an old tradition for newborn babies. The practice has a belief that a newborn feels secure and comfortable with swaddle wrap cloth, more like being in the mother’s womb. Mostly everyone has learned swaddling from the hospital nurse or a family member, as a mom, one may wonder if swaddling is safe for the baby.  

What is swaddling?

Swaddling is wrapping and covering the baby’s body, hands, and legs in a light, breathable blanket or cloth, leaving out the neck and head. Swaddling has a soothing effect on babies, and they generally sleep longer when swaddled. 

While choosing a swaddle cloth for the baby, here are some points one should keep in mind:

  • The size of the baby and baby swaddle cloth size, ease of use, consider the size, material, and elasticity of the blanket. 

  • For the baby swaddle cloth size one should prefer a square size which is a good option. 

  • The swaddle wrap cloth must be a little stretchable which would help wrap the baby nicely. 

  • The material should be lightweight and breathable. 

  • Temperature one has to consider the season the baby is born in and the room temperature. The open weave in it boosts breathability and reduces the risk of overheating.

  • Swaddle cloth for babies is made from 100% Bamboo Cotton Muslin, which is eco-friendly and also saves the environment.

  • Choose designs with cheerful and comforting colours & quality muslin that gets softer with every wash.

  • Swaddle cloth for babies is made from organic cotton which is hypoallergenic, making it apt for little ones with sensitive skin conditions.

Swaddling is beneficial for both the mother and the baby. Swaddling your baby one should be very careful. Many little ones do not know when to wake up when swaddled. Many mothers want their babies to get a good sleep but they should be swaddled for a limited time only. 

The babies need around 12-16 hours of sleep daily. And we adults need at least seven! A perfect swaddling cloth can ensure enough sleep for both of you. So, make sure that you get the right swaddle cloth!

Wrapping up…….

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