How To Make A Stylish Hotel Bed At Home

Everyone enjoys the sensation of sinking into a plush bed while traveling. Did you realize, though, that you can achieve the same sensation in your own home? You can create a hotel-style paradise out of your bed with a few easy steps, and then unwind with a luxurious night's sleep. 

Here are some suggestions from Trance Home Linen for making an opulent hotel-style bed at home.

Invest in quality bedding

The foundation of a luxurious bed is high-quality bedding. Start with a comfortable mattress that suits your preferences and provides adequate support. Consider adding a plush Cotton Zippered Chain Waterproof Mattress Protector for an extra layer of softness. Next, invest in high-quality plain double bedsheets known for their durability and softness. Crisp, white bed sheets are a staple in many hotels, but you can also choose other neutral tones for a sophisticated look.

Even better, Trance Home Linen gives you the option to customize the size of your mattress protectors. Click here to view the customizable options!

Layer with a duvet or comforter

A duvet or comforter adds warmth and elegance to your bed. Opt for a fluffy, duvet sets or a plush king-size comforter with a luxurious cover. Make sure the size is appropriate for your bed to achieve a polished and inviting appearance. Fold the Trance Home Linen Microfibre Duvet or Cotton Casing Premium Double Comforter at the foot of the bed for an added touch of luxury.

Pillows galore

One characteristic of a hotel-style bed is the abundance of pillows. Layering pillows of different sizes and firmness levels not only look inviting but also provides optimal comfort. Start with two or three standard-sized classic cotton pillows propped up against the headboard then add a couple of other pillows for a decorative touch. Finally, accent your bed with a few throw pillows with quilted pillow protectors in coordinating colours or patterns to add texture and personality.

To enhance the visual appeal of your bed, add a bedroom bed runner at the foot of the bed. 

One key element of a hotel-style bed is its impeccable presentation. Make sure your fitted bed sheets are perfectly tucked in and wrinkle-free and will give your bed a polished and inviting appearance.

Finishing Touches

To complete the hotel-like ambiance, consider adding some finishing touches. Place a bedside table with a lamp on each side of the bed and add a scented candle to infuse the room with a soothing fragrance. So, treat yourself to the luxury and relaxation of a hotel bed every night and indulge in a truly restful and rejuvenating sleep experience and invest in quality home interiors from Trance Home Linen.

As a last thought...

We hope this article may have inspired you to let your creativity run wild. Nothing speaks more highly of a home than you and your own style. You can get an amazing choice of products at Trance Home Linen. With the right layers, pillows, window curtains, throws, and presentation, you can transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort and elegance. The best part is that you may customize a variety of interiors to fit any theme and every event. 

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