Rented House? Add Your Vibes And Make It Your Own!!!!

Lockdown an unprecedented event in our lives that pushed us into the confines of the four walls of our homes. We were weaned of the colors of life added by the laughter of our friends, freshness of the nature, hustle of the marketplace and the routine of the office. For Krish and Krina, staying together the whole day excited them initially but soon euphoria was replaced by the stretching lockdown and the pandemic woes. The dull walls of the one room apartment in Mumbai started having a toll on them. Krina wanted to liven up the space but the owner of the house had restrictions.

How should Krish and Krina rejuvenate their living space that can help them lift their spirits. Since they could not do any physical changes to the place, they took the DIY route. They started off by replacing their bedsheets, dohars and curtains and added some amazing plants for their indoors and outdoors. Their home décor search for soft furnishings took them to Trance Home linen website, one of the trusted brands on amazon. The colorful bedsheets from Trance home had every brightest color possible along with a cotton satin stripes that gave the sheets their added elegance. The printed dohars totally transformed the look of their house with prints with great aesthetics and, made their sleep extra comfortable, with a multi layering to ensure the warmth and comfort way better than any comforter. And that is not all, all the Trance products are 100% cotton too. Another great product that Krina found was the mattress protector an essential most people are unaware of and so were Krish and Krina. With an option of customization Krish could customize the mattress protector according to the fit of their bed, which was a blessing in disguise.

Not so creative as a couple, this small step change lead them to add exciting lighting fixtures and plants and a few home decor knick-knacks from other online stores without violating any of the owner’s restrictions. The one room apartment soon was beaming with positive vibes and the lock down dullness was replaced by freshness.

Staying in a rented apartment with bland walls and restrictions for any refurbishment by the owner. Not to worry, Trance Home linen has exclusive collection of bright bed sheets and vibrant printed dohars and other essentials that can add glamour to your otherwise dull interiors.

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