Perfect Curtain Ideas Bringing Elegance To The Living Room

“Enhancing living rooms with a sophisticated Curtain and reveal your personality"

Time to give the living room a makeover with flowy and evergreen drapes trending this season. Yes, curtains modify the look of a living room and even the entire house. But, the question arises here, how many people choose them wisely? Many a time people land up putting up curtains that do not match the space, inappropriate material and colour is being used.

Are you looking for a colourful and elegant drapery option to transform your space, then here are a few ideas to decorate the living room. Want to replicate nice delicate designs across your home, we even have curtains for the living room, curtains for the bedroom, curtains for the kids' room, or even outdoor curtains for the porch.

Curtains that blend in

One of the most popular ideas is to use curtains for the living room that match the wall color of the living room and this is mainly done because if the curtains are matching to your wall colors, they blend right in making it look truly stunning. 

Pro tip! One can choose to opt for curtains that are a shade darker than the colour of the living room.

It’s all about brown

Enhance the home with the rustic feel of wooden finishes. A hint of brown all over the curtains builds a textured shadow around the house and keeps the sunlight out making the home cozy.  It is a standout collection, adapting the style, and ensuring the home looks more classy and trendy.

Softness rules the home front

Another curtain trend shaping this year is soft, flowy, and elegant patterns. People are opting for linen material from a wide range of curtain styles. This lightweight fabric dyed in pastel shades is being crafted for fancy drapes that enhance the overall look. The demand for sheer drapes shows that they are very absorbent. Adding the heat control properties combined with a breezy feel and durable weave makes curtain designs trending for any season.

Natural shades that follow the latest trends

Every year sees a new colour shade is trending. What’s this year’s shade trend? A tangerine delight with gold undertones is the nice way to go! 

Various tints, tones, and shades from the colour palette will take over the home decor henceforth. For example, a russet, damson, plum, and other shades that are similar will highlight the look of a living room with curtains that have a simple solid look or are sprinkled with dainty floral bright tropical designs that are a definitive go-to option.

Concluding note…

Hope this blog helped you bring out your thinking caps to let your imagination take over as nothing can speak more about a home better than you and your personalized touch. Check out Trance Home Linen for an amazing line-up of not only window curtains online, but products with deals that you can score right now. Find a host of interiors apt for every theme, every occasion, and the best part, customize it as per your liking. T&C apply. Happy shopping!

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