Some Important Tips To Buy Your Next Dohar

Wondering how to select the right dohar blanket? Here’s a simple way. Focus on the needs and requirements it gets easier to find an apt dohar blanket. These blankets are found in all shapes and sizes. So one must make sure the right size that they want a blanket. 

By choosing the right size and shape, one must decide on the colour scheme also. Choose the bright colours and designs that highlight the boring bedroom and spice up the interior. 

What is a dohar?

Dohar - a three-layered blanket that’s thicker compared to the regular summer blankets giving us a soft comfort feel. The top and bottom layer of the dohar is cotton and in between, there is a flannel layer that works perfectly for winters or an AC room. One can easily replace a comforter with a cotton single dohar or cotton double dohar

These days, various types of dohar are available in a lot of colours and shades. Understand what one must remember while choosing a beautiful dohar. 

  • Seasons and Weather

The choice of dohar depends on the seasonal atmosphere of the area. The usage of dohar is mostly seasonal, with AC single or double bed dohar for summers, and cozy single or double bed dohar for winter

  • Texture 

Dohar blankets are made with high-quality yarn, cotton, and silk materials. While buying a dohar for the room the material of the product must be soft. Be it a single dohar cover or a double dohar, they can be used to protect oneself from differing atmospheric conditions.   

  • Fitting the Requirement 

Dohar is available in many designs and shades - subtle and classy with shades of bright red and warm pinkish hues. All rooms in the house are designed for a particular purpose. If one wishes to pick a dohar blanket for the room, think of a splash of bright colour reflecting the youthful spirit. It gets unending enthusiasm and adds up to everlasting love and passion. 

  • Design and Artistic Essence 

Every person’s creativity and designing artistic differs. Making the right choice of cotton single dohar or cotton double dohar will give a unique and beautiful look. So, while choosing a door that fits your artistic sense that can be richly embroidered, classic, or modern chic styles. 

Concluding thoughts…

The process of selecting dohar blankets makes a world of difference from the final product to one’s home décor. The most important aspect to keep in mind while opting for a single dohar blanket, above everything else, is comfort. Designs and patterns, textures, and brands are also equally necessary, but if comfort is the prime choice at all times, then one surely will attain happiness in the end.

Hope this blog helped you think and get all the bright ideas to choose for a perfect dohar. Check out Trance Home Linen for an amazing variety of dohars. Find a host of interiors apt for every theme, every occasion, and the best part, customize it as per your liking. 

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