Store Your Blankets The Right Way

Summer is here and all our blankets, comforters and quilts have to be stacked right, and stacked carefully till the upcoming cozy season is back. The essentials are finally going back to the boxes and finding their place in our cupboards.

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Some pro tips for better maintenance!

The first step in storing is they should all be clean before stacking them. Sheets touch our skin directly and are more inclined to accumulate oils, dust, etc. That’s why we always wash our sheets a lot more than we do comforters or blankets.

When not in use, it’s important to store clean bedding for sanitary reasons. Storing freshly washed bed linens and blankets helps prevent damage to the fabric while they sit in storage, mold and mildew growth, and even unwanted odors. 

As you prepare your bedding for storage, the golden rule is to fully wash all sheet sets, pillowcases, and blankets. Since it is made with pure cotton, washing and preserving it also becomes relatively simple. 

The care of blankets while in use is important. How you store it before and after the season is equally important as it defines the life span of the product. 

Those blankets need someplace to live, and if you want to keep your room in perfect shape, your blanket storage solutions need to be as smart and elegant as the rest of your space. These winter blankets are soft and light in weight and can be easily stored.

Moisture is the biggest rival of blankets. It gives away a stale smell and you might even find fungus on it. The first step is to get them dry and cleaned thoroughly before packing them away for the next seasons. Store them in a cotton bag and this assures that the winter blankets are not in contact with moisture.

If you have enough standing vertical space, do store the blanket upright. Piling them up one over can be avoided. Place them in your store by rolling your blanket into a tight cylindrical shape. This makes it easier to access, instead of having to pull one out from a heavy pile of blankets. You will be surprised how much longer your blankets and dohars will last if you dusted them off, and folded them, instead of randomly stuffing them into the storage.

Concluding note…

Let your imagination take over as nothing can speak more about a home better than you and your personalized touch.

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