When it comes to fine bed linens, the bolster pillow offers a singular chance for both coziness and refined style. The bolster contributes a degree of refinement and aesthetic fascination to your sleeping haven. Trance Home Linen is dedicated to promoting the decorative potential of bolsters. We provide a carefully chosen range of cotton printed bolster covers (Pack of 2 & 200 TC) that take ordinary spaces and turn them into remarkable ones.

A bolster has been a feature of bedrooms for generations, growing into a multipurpose accent element that improves comfort and style. The fabric is 100% cotton with a 40's yarn count and is TUV "ISO" certified. A sateen weave made entirely of cotton adds a subtle sheen, while a 200-thread count yarn with 40s gives it an incredibly smooth finish. These are made to precisely fit India's standard bolster cover size, which is 16 by 32 inches. These include ties to the bolster cover on both sides, to be fastened and tugged. The bolster cushion covers guarantee an impeccable fit and keep the fabric from bunching up or hanging loosely. A properly fitting bolster cover improves appearance and shields your bolster pillow from dust and normal wear and tear, extending its lifespan.

Trance Home Linen bolster covers cotton are known for their opulent softness and breathability. This guarantees outstanding comfort all through the night, making it possible for the bolster to blend in perfectly with your sleeping schedule. Our genuine interest is the beauty of our printed designs, which goes beyond the luxurious feel. From gorgeous floral designs to geometric patterns our vibrant bolster cover patterns are more than just decor - they're artistic manifestations that add a unique touch to your bedroom.

Turn the bolster from a practical piece to a focal point that enhances the look of your bedroom where beauty and comfort come together. Investing in bolster covers online with exquisite designs allows you to create a peaceful, personalized sleeping space.

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Look at our beautiful selection of bolster covers to see the transformational potential of this sometimes disregarded bed element. Experience the difference that premium cotton and eye-catching design can make in your sleeping haven when you shop online at Trance Home Linen. Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of creativity by using your bolster as a canvas.

Even though our bolster covers are quite special, they are only a small sample of the outstanding bed linens that Trance Home Linen has to offer. To please an esteemed customer who values comfort, quality, and timeless elegance, we offer a variety of luxurious bed sheets, duvet covers, and exquisitely crafted pillowcases.

A restful night's sleep is essential for a happy and healthy life. We welcome you to discover the impact of the rich bed linens, the fine craftsmanship, and the classic design. Look through our inventory right now to find the ideal items to turn your bedroom into a stylish and comfortable retreat. Head to the website to find out the entire lineup.

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