When we purchase bedding, there are so many important things to think like colour, comfort, style, and price. We always overlook the most important pieces, your sheets! At Trance Home Linen, there are bedsheets on amazing offers and discounts currently. One can choose from cotton bedsheets online or just the right material they are looking out for

Generally, there are two varieties you can choose from the options of fitted cotton bedsheets or solid plain flat bedsheets, each has its own advantages and we all have our own preferences.

What are flat sheets and fitted sheets?

Flat sheets are rectangular in shape, finished at the edges, but without any kind of elastic. Fitted sheets, have elastic sewn in on two or four sides as well. which allows them to cover around a mattress.

Buy fitted bedsheets online these are also known as bottom sheets and are usually used as a cover for the mattress and folding it under the mattress to keep it in place for the night. Flat sheets also known as top sheets are traditionally placed on top of the fitted sheet, but beneath duvets and blankets. 

The bottom line is that it is up to you and it is up to your personal choice.

Tips for your perfect bed cover!

The first concern for fitted sheets is that you get the correct size. Unlike flat sheets, which can be folded under and are adaptable to a bed size that is smaller or even very slightly bigger than they were designed for. Fitted sheets considerably fit exactly, or they will come off, have discomfiting folds under you while you sleep, and they will look very untidy.

The length and width of the fitted sheet will be standard - single fitted bedsheets, fitted bedsheets king size, fitted bed sheets queen and then it will have a measure for how thick a mattress it is planned to cover.

For flat sheets, people prefer a size larger than the bed, for additional length on the borders or to cover a thick mattress – these can always be tucked in when the bed is made. 

After the size comes the quality you can afford. Your skin will come into contact so buying a good quality sheet set will guarantee you the best sleep. 100% cotton is a great choice. We recommend you avoid synthetic materials for sheets, as they do not breathe well and are not as comfortable.

As for colour, there are many excellent choices and they can be easily matched with many different colours in your room and bedding accents. 

If you’re looking for new bed sheets, you’ve come to the right place - Trance Home Linen. We have got classic, cotton-rich bedsheets for sale in all sizes. You’ll also find an extensive range of fitted bed sheets cotton in a range of fantastic colours and standard sizes, to suit your needs and colour schemes.

Concluding note…

What’s amazing with bedsheets at Trance? At Trance Home Linen, you have the option to fully customize your bedroom bedsheets as per your sizing requirement. Click here to see what’s customizable and how we can help you do it!  Find a host of interiors apt for every theme, every occasion, and the best part customize it as per your liking. T&C apply. Happy shopping at Trance Home Linen.

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