Are you searching for a nice blanket set for the summer season, which is perfect in your air-conditioned room without increasing the heat? 

As you browse online, you will get unlimited options for blankets and a wide range of comforters that claim to work in the summer season as well. To change your overall experience and add elegance to your room you should give it a try at Dohar.

Why should you go with Dohar as your summer blanket?

Before buying any blanket keep these things in mind. Cotton double dohar works amazingly for the winter season or in an air-conditioned room and enjoys excellent comfort.

Can you use your blanket every season?

You have to substitute your comforter every season to get the expected warmth. The double bed dohar for winter can be used all year round. It is made of cotton material, which allows people to have preferred warmth and comfort in both summer and winter seasons. The double bed dohar for summer is made of cotton material, which will absorb the sweat and heat in the bed and maintain comfortable warmth. 

As these are made of thin layers, they generate the right amount of heat for you without making you feel heavy. You can simply have a peaceful sleep in your air-conditioned room with a dohar blanket without replacing anything along with changing seasons.  

The Dohar blankets are compact in the size and you can simply store them anywhere by folding them in the right size you don’t have to make a special room for storing your Dohar blankets as these are lightweight and comfortable in every season.

 It also adds an excellent decor appeal to your bedroom. Convenience and comfort are some of the essential factors that people consider while buying a blanket. These are durable and last long. You can clean the Dohars efficiently and use them for a very prolonged time and they will be a great collection for your bedroom.

An amazing gifting option as well!

The dohars are not only good for your bedroom, but you can also consider them as an excellent gifting option. The dohar blankets are light, cozy, and attractive, which makes them ideal for gifting. The dohars are comfy and come in a massive scope of colors and designs. 

On a final note:

double dohar bed sheet is one of the amazing additions to your bedroom décor. Trance Home Linen has the widest range of dohars to choose from, so start browsing now. Browse the dohar collections of this leading home furnishing brand.

Trance Home Linen Cotton Double Dohar- Damask Blue is one amongst many colours and designs that are there on our platform adding grace to your room decor with its reversible design which gives Trance dohars its own identity for an elegant look and feel.

Add warmness and comfort to your bedroom with Dohars. Purchasing good-quality cotton double dohar online helps them to remain intact for a longer time. So, think of it as investments for yourselves with quality and comfort. We hope these essential tips come in handy for you. Check out Trance Home Linen for all the amazing deals you can grab right now.

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