Your Expert Guide To Choosing Curtains For Your Home

“Curtains uplift the style statement of the house”

Do you think curtains are only for blocking light? Then you are surely wrong it is also for dressing the home windows and doors! Curtains always help create an ambience and carve the décor of the living room, bedroom, and other spaces of the house.

So, what all is taken into consideration when it comes to choosing curtains for the house? Do you wish to know? Then we recommend running through this blog that suggests some expert ideas on choosing curtains for the home!

Choose the Fabric Wisely 

Keeping in mind the room is small or compact, opt for breezy fabrics like sheer. As these fabrics help the light pass through them easily for a brighter look. Add a pinch of luxury to the ambiance of the room with these curtains. Whereas with massive rooms, thicker fabrics are a good option, or highlight the space with sheers and heavy fabrics to complement the space. 

Go For Soothing Colours 

Planning to purchase living room curtains, then one should always look for neutral colour options such as off-white, beige, earthy hues, or some soothing colours that give depth to the space. On the other hand, larger living room areas can have royal colours like deep maroon, deep earthy browns, and many more. Where lighter shades enhance space, darker add to the drama and glory. 

The size of the room matters

Selecting curtains for the bedroom can sometimes be tricky. A perfect decision will be to go with the colours that match the colours of the wall or that are similar to it. This would not make the room look clustered, in fact, make it look big and spacious. With larger rooms, experimenting with contrasting colours and bold prints can be a good idea. With a wide variety of options available in the market choosing curtains for the living rooms, curtains for bedrooms, curtains for the kids' room, and outdoor curtains for the porch can get tricky.

Patterns and designs 

Selecting a curtain for the living room one will always want to be right as it enhances the entire look. With the ceiling being low and the room being compact, choose vertical designs and patterns to create and make the room look much bigger. Selecting bigger prints or horizontal patterns will not be such a good idea as it will make the room look too compact. 

Choose apt length

Having a perfect length of the curtain is very important. Many of us ignore this point, mostly when ordering window curtains online. Smaller living spaces or rooms can be made to look spacious and bigger by choosing a full-length curtain. 

Curtain rods/tracks make a difference too

Choosing an appropriate curtain rod/tracks for a curtain can help boost the curtain’s look by many folds.

Concluding note…

Choosing the type of curtain carefully from draperies, sheers, shades, blackouts, etc. are some generally used varieties that one can easily find. Choosing the type of curtain for the living room, curtains for the bedroom, curtains for the kid’s room, and outdoor curtains for the porch as per your requirements will make the area look aesthetic.

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