Your Very Own Carpet Journey

The most important part of your home decor is your cotton dhurrie rugs. While relaxing nothing compares to the soft, luxurious feel of a carpet under your feet. Carpets are becoming an essential part of home decor because of the increasing popularity of floor seatings and open living spaces.

These are also known as dhurries. When finding the best type of carpet for your home, for the living room, bedroom, or family room, you need to match quality with comfort and your budget.

Some of the common forms used to cover the floor are carpets, rugs, bedside runners, and floor mats only the size varies.

A carpet covers the room from one wall to another whereas a rug is compact and covers a smaller portion of the room. Carpets change the look of the room and uplift any space in your home. It creates harmony between the curtains and the furniture. 

While buying dhurries online always keep in mind three things - the weight, material, and maintenance are the three important things you should always look into while buying a carpet.

Material: These are made of many different materials ranging from wool and polyester to cotton and jute as well.

Weight: Their weight depends on the material you choose. 

The cotton dhurries or cotton carpets are light in weight whereas the fluffy, wool, or machine-made carpets are heavier due to the addition of rubber backing. Lightweight carpets are easier to clean too. Always maintain enough space between the rug and the furniture placed around it.

Maintainance: Every kind of material has different kinds of cleaning to be done. Cotton carpets are a superb choice as they are easy to maintain.

Keeping these factors in mind factors, you can go ahead and buy dhurries online.Choose your favorite designs in the size you prefer. Select from vibrant designs that will complete your decor. 

Carpets are indeed a great investment in home decor and floor protection, and there are many options for you to choose from. Trance Home Linen offers a wide range of dhurrie rugs for sale. Click on the link below to explore our range of carpets, rugs, floor mats, and bedside runners. 

Have a look at Trance Home Linen Handloom Handcrafted Jaipur Hand Block Cotton Carpets Dhurries and Rugs for Living Room | Bedroom Bed Runner | Floor Mat for Bedroom Kitchen. These are lightweight and come in different sizes. Can be used as bed runners or in your living rooms, bedrooms, or even kitchens. Many different sizes are available.

Concluding note…

Hope this blog post was fun to read and helpful. This was all about the way it is necessary to invest in cotton dhurries. Hope you choose the perfect one to enhance the beauty of your living room.

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