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Jill's dilemma!

John and Jill, a young couple, married for four years both working with regular office hours were having a torrid time managing their 2-year bundle of joy, Katy. It was not so much about the happy, insightful time they spent with their playful child but about the daily chores of changing the diapers, bed sheets, washing them, vacuuming their mattress for dust and mites, scrubbing their mattress top of the stains, etc. This did not even leave them time for their usual routine of socializing with friends and colleagues on a Saturday night.

A day came when Jill said, let me not get bogged down and she decided to invite a colleague Janet and Fred her husband for dinner. Janet was a little older and her kids were in high school and with Fred, formed a very jovial, fun-loving couple with a happy disposition.

Over drinks and dinner that Saturday, the conversation veered around to Jill saying how tough it was to manage things around with their little one. Fred and Janet who had gone through these similar issues, earlier, got the hang of it. Fred had spent immense time researching on all these issues when his kids were small.

Fred said the first thing John and Jill should do is to get hold of a Waterproof Mattress Protector to protect their mattress, if not protected the spillages will lead to infection through fungi growth. He continued and said these mattress protectors are such wonderful products, the top layer being terry absorbs the liquid over a wider area and the terry is layered with a non-toxic TPU membrane which doesn’t let the liquid through and yet the top layer is breathable. The protectors come with a comfortable skirting with elastic all around and can be neatly tucked under the mattress like a Fitted Sheet. These protectors can be regularly washed in cold water in a washing machine and one has to take care not to use the dryer. Apart from the mattress protector which is like a fitted sheet, one can also buy a zipper encased protector which covers the mattress fully with the help of a zip.

On hearing this Jill heaved a big sigh of relief and asked Fred how she could buy one. Fred smiled and said the first purchase he made was 7 years back from Trance Home Linen and they are still using it. And Jill, if you think it’s just your baby causing the mess on mattress, Fred with a naughty wink and nudge to Janet said, how about us (everyone burst out laughing) and if you think this is the end, Fred thoughtfully said how about when we are old and we cannot control our bowel movements.

Jill and John hadn’t spent a more eventful, relief filled evening and Fred added a few more tips like letting the Baby sleep over a smaller Dry Sheet placed over mattress protector which can be washed more often. As the guests were leaving, Jill begged Fred to send her a mail with all the links so that she could order immediately.

Jill waited eagerly and the next morning Fred had sent her the useful links of Trance Home Linen:

 Hi Jill & John,

Thank you for the wonderful evening. As asked, I have given you links to their website: www.trancehomelinen.in to ease your life.

Mattress Protector: https://www.trancehomelinen.in/collections/mattress-protector. You can search and choose the size depending on the mattress you have or you can ask them to customise as per your mattress size. The protectors are also available in various colours.

Baby Dry Sheets: https://www.trancehomelinen.in/collections/baby-dry-sheet-1. You have different sizes to choose from Small, Medium, Large, Single, Queen and King and a range of colours.

I hope the above information can help you, as I have been a patron of all their products and am convinced about their product quality. They do reply to every query you have and are easily accessible by mail at info@trancehomelinen.in and /or through WhatsApp @+916366029988.

Also, their products are available on www.amazon.in and www.flipkart.in as products sold by Trance Home Linen.

Do let me know if you require any other information.


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