Trying to fit a square bedsheet on a round bed? - Trance Home Linen

Trying to fit a square bedsheet on a round bed?

square bedsheet

Trance Home Linen takes the extra mile to suit its customers' requirements. We acknowledge the struggles faced by customers with odd size mattresses and are committed to solve the hunt for linen to meet those requirements.

A customer was unable to find the perfect fitted sheet to fit their circular bed and match their interior decor. Immediately after being contacted, our team went to work on meeting the customer's requirements. After several tries, we were able to deliver a product with the perfect fit, functionality and design.
It's time for you too to stop adjusting and get the bed sheet your bed deserves! Contact us and we will be committed to finding the perfect linen for you. Who says you have to follow the norm? Bring to life the bed of your dreams and we will be there by your side for your linen needs...

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