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Trance Home Linen - Fabric / Stuff that Provides Immense Gratification


Are you finding it difficult to find the Best Waterproof Mattress Protector for your Bed?  

No need to worrythere we are, called ,Trance Home Linen serving from last 16 years. We stepped in 2003 & gained a position in the fabric products / in the fabric marketwe give variety of choices to make your home look good & feel good. 

We manufacture diversity of commodities for home linen-like comforters, quilts, duvets, duvet covers, mattress protectors, bed sheets & pillow covers.We have many things to provide not only in variety but with the quality which makes your area look lavish and give you the feeling of relaxation, peace & joy in it with your loved ones. 

All our products are manufactured using 100% cotton yarn.Cotton is naturally cool and refreshing fabric.We use high thread count fabric..Now for the consumer,what does high thread count mean?This is the number of threads per square inch of a fabric.Logic: More threads, stronger the fabric.

Now take this logic to the next step,to fit more threads is a square inch,you will need finer thread.So to make finer thread, the quality of the yarn has to be good.

So always, a high thread count fabric would imply superior fabric.

We have now started to experiment with Bamboo Fabric also.Bamboo fabric is an amazing fabric with natural anti bacterial anti fungal qualities.It is far more superior fabric than cotton.It is a environment friendly.Requires less water to grow,it has the resistance ability against suns damaging UV radiation.

We use many natural ingredientto make our linen home products which are -- TPU CertifiedPhthalate-freeVinyl & PVC free which is non-toxic.  

Our products are waterproof, machine washable, urine & fluids repelled. 

So say no to PVC Plastic sheets & start using Trance Home Linen Bamboo Waterproof Mattress Protector for hygienic and restful sleep .

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